Bold 2016-17 College Basketball Predictions

Kansas College Basketball Champions

I know it’s a few days late, but the 2016 NCAA Men’s College Basketball season is just underway. Our 2016 College Basketball predictions below include our national champion, our breakout NBA players to watch, and Final Four picks. Here is a shock, we might be the only people not picking Duke to win the national championship. For some reason, we have a feeling (yes, a gut feeling, the kind you bet with), that the Kansas Jayhawks will do the improbable and cut the nets down April 1 in Glendale, AZ. That would be an April Fools joke that the Dukies will never forget.
2016-17 College Basketball Predictions Duke

The 2016-17 College Basketball Predictions – Final Top 25

25. Syracuse
24. Iowa State
23. Cincinnati
22. Cal
21. Texas A&M
20. Rhode Island
19. Creighton
18. Michigan State
17. Purdue
College Basketball predictions
16. West Virginia
15. Maryland
14. UCLA
13. UConn
12. Indiana
11. Arizona
10. Xavier
9. Virginia
8. Louisville
7. St. Marys
6. Wisconsin
Nigel Harris College Basketball Predictions
5. North Carolina
4. Villanova
3. Kentucky
2. Duke
1. Kansas

2016-17 College Basketball Predictions – Final Four

Duke vs. Kentucky, Kansas vs. Villanova

Kansas College Basketball Champions

2016-17 College Basketball Predictions – Champion

Kansas over Duke

3 Future NBA Stars

Jaron Blossomgame (Clemson, SF)

This wingman will light it up in South Carolina this winter, and has the attention of NBA scouts across the country. Blossomgame enters his senior year, passing up the chance to make first round money last summer, and he shared why:

Josh Jackson (Kansas, SF)

The reason we picked Kansas to win it all is that we feel freshman star Josh Jackson will come into his own by March, and dominate in the Final Four. Of course, the Jayhawks have to get there, but you better get familiar with the man many are calling the next coming of Andrew Wiggins.

Jayson Tatum (Duke, SF)

Coach K has an embarrassment of riches on his roster this year, and Jayson Tatum (6-8) has NBA fans of the Mavericks, Pelicans, Sixers, Heat, etc all hoping they tank so they get a chance to draft him. Not just hype, he is that good. A year with the Blue Devils should help his game immensely.

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