The Bryce Petty Era Begins for The Jets

Bryce Petty starting against Rams

The New York Jets made it official this morning, Bryce Petty is their starting quarterback, for now. Ryan Fitzpatrick is still nursing injuries, and Geno Smith is out for the year with a torn ACL.

The Los Angeles Rams will keep the 25 year old former Baylor backup plenty to think about this afternoon, but it was the right move for Todd Bowles and New York. At 3-6, playoff hopes are dim for the Jets, and the franchise needs to find out if Petty is the answer at quarterback now. The worst case scenario is he gets a month worth of starts, plays worse than both Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith, and they finish the year limping to the finish line with Christian Hackenberg. Best case, Petty can ignite the fanbase and give the team something to build on heading towards 2017.

The best thing the Jets have going for them is they are going against Case Keenum. Sounds like the field goal fest we predicted even before we knew Petty was starting.

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