California Love – Rams Need Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh will be next head coach of Rams

Jim Harbaugh to coach rams

Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan for Rams?

The Rams fired Jeff Fisher earlier today, and no sooner than the word got around the internet of the dismissal were rumors that Jim Harbaugh would be the next coach of the Los Angeles Rams. Let that sink in for a minute. The same Jim Harbaugh who less than three weeks ago was playing Ohio State in the game of the century. The same Harbaugh who left the NFL to go back to his alma mater. Yeah, that guy. Harbaugh has the resume, the personality, and the guts to bet on himself again.

Rams great Eric Dickerson jumped on Los Angeles radio to put his vote in for Harbaugh:

“Jim Harbaugh is that guy,” “That is what it comes down to. He went to Michigan, now they are winning. Stanford as well. That offensive line can be fixed but (they) have to get the right person in line. If they want to win people in charge have to get people in there that can win.”

Should Harbaugh leave Michigan this year, he would owe the school $1.4 million dollars of his signing bonus, according to His $9 million dollars a year salary is the highest in college football, and is $1 million dollars more than Pete Carroll of Seattle.

Jim Harbaugh has won at Stanford. He took the San Francisco 49ers one play away from a championship. He has turned his Wolverines into a national power again. The biggest challenge of his career would be to make the second biggest market in the country a winner again. The Rams owe their 2017 first round draft pick to the Titans, but the cubbard isn’t completely bare of talent. He could help develop Jared Goff into a respectable NFL quarterback. He could potentially get Todd Gurley refocused on being the best running back in the NFL again. Most importantly, a Harbaugh hire would energize a fanbase who have had nothing to cheer for in years.

As his former employers, the 49ers, sit in the basement of the division, Harbaugh would relish in the opportunity to beat down the hapless rivals in San Francisco. The Seahawks/Rams games would be more enticing as he and Pete Carroll could renew their rivalry. Free agents would again be attracted to join LA for more reasons than the weather, women, and the weed.

Jim Harbaugh makes perfect sense for the Los Angeles Rams. If you are ownership, you give him a blank check, and get out of the way.

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