Chargers move to LA in 2017 possible

Chargers moving to LA

According to USA Today, the San Diego Chargers are in talks with the LA Coliseum about relocating there next season. San Diego voters rejected a proposal on Election Day that would have brought a new stadium to the city. The cost ($1.8B) was the primary reason.

That vote reopened the talks between the team and LA, and the Chargers have until January 15, 2017 to decide if they want to make the move and share the field with the Rams. The Chargers have played in San Diego since 1961, and have been in their current stadium (Qualcomm) since 1967. Players and fans alike have shared it is one of the worst fields in the league.

Should the franchise decide to move, it will be interesting to see if quarterback Phillip Rivers does an about face about LA. Rivers spoke back in 2015 about the future of the franchise once he re-signed with the team through 2019.

“My lack of excitement was more about leaving this community, not a disdain for Los Angeles.”

This year’s Chargers are still very much in the playoff hunt, and with a core of young players and veterans, any football fans in LA who weren’t sold on the Rams would certainly be interested to get behind the lightening bolts.

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