Cleveland to host 2019 NBA All Star Game?

Cleveland 2019 All Star Game

Cleveland wants to host 2019 NBA All Star Game

According to a report, Cleveland could be next in line to host the NBA All Star Game. The 2017 game was pulled from Charlotte, NC and moved to New Orleans due to North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT laws. Los Angeles has been awarded the 2018 game already. The 2019 game may be Charlotte’s if the HB2 law is repealed. LeBron James has never been on a team who hosted the mid-season exhibition.

Should Cleveland end up with the 2019 game, Kyrie Irving will be in his prime and likely the true face of the team. LeBron could be in “Kobe 2015” mode, as he enters the twilight of his career. The weather in Cleveland is brutal, and that is likely part of the reason the Cavaliers have not hosted the game.

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