Colin Kaepernick – Meet Kiko Alonso [VIDEO]

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kapernick Miami

Colin Kaepernick played well in the 31-24 49ers loss to Miami. Anytime he can give you over 100 yards rushing and throw for 3 touchdowns, you take it. The game came down to a 4th down and goal, and Kaepernick was met by Kiko Alonso and Ndamukong Suh. They nearly decapitated Kap at the goal line:

Kaepernick heard loud boos much of the day in Miami, not so much for his play, but his pro-Fidel Castro comments earlier last week. Castro passed away three days after.

San Francisco has now lost 10 games in a row, and travel to Chicago next week. Miami has won six in a row, and is right in the middle of the wildcard chase. The Dolphins go on the road to Baltimore to play the AFC North leading Ravens Sunday.

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