Badgers, Sooners have no shot to make playoff

college football playoff update

College Football Playoff Scenarios

The latest college football playoff rankings were announced Tuesday, and nothing changed at the top. Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Washington sit in the first four spots, with Michigan and Wisconsin on the outside looking in.

Penn State, who plays Wisconsin for the Big 10 championship on Saturday, currently sits at 7. If Penn State defeats the Badgers soundly, will it be enough to get them in the playoff? We don’t think so.

College Football Playoff Rankings Reaction

Kirby Hocutt, chairman of the college football selection committee, stated in the eyes of the 12 decision makers, “The separation between Washington and Michigan is extremely small”. One can only assume if Washington or Clemson were to lose this weekend, Michigan would jump into the playoff over Penn State.

Wisconsin has virtually no chance to make the playoff, even if they win the Big 10 title.

While they currently sit at 6, they will not jump over the Wolverines.

Oklahoma has virtually no chance.

Even if they beat Oklahoma State by 50, they won’t have enough to get ahead of everyone in front of them.

Ohio State will not slip out of the #2 ranking.

The Buckeyes can buy their tickets now for the New Years Eve game in Glendale, AZ.

Clemson could be 3, 4, or out.

A Tigers loss to Virginia Tech and Clemson is done. An uninspired win, coupled with an impressive Washington victory could push them to the 4th spot. That would mean a rematch of last year’s national championship in the semifinal in Atlanta.

No matter what happens this weekend, the unveiling of the final rankings on Sunday will be must see TV. Social media has had plenty of fun at the expense of the selection committee, including their method for picking the teams.

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