College Football Playoff Chaos? Not Really

College Football Playoff Week 12

The day we all were waiting for finally happened Saturday. The college football playoff race was shaken up as Clemson, who was ranked number 2, lost at home to Pittsburgh. Michigan, who was ranked number 3 and supposedly on a collision course with Ohio State, got caught in the classic trap game and lost to Iowa. Washington, previously ranked number 4, showed everyone they were what we thought they were, which was not worthy of a playoff spot. They fell to number 20 USC soundly. Others who fell included number 8 Texas A&M and number 9 Auburn.

So what does this all mean? Well, Tuesday night don’t expect to see as much shakeup as you may be thinking. Alabama of course will see be on top, and as pitiful as Auburn looked Saturday, should be a decisive favorite in the Iron Bowl in a few weeks. We are projecting Ohio State will be ranked number 2, with a pair of 62-3 victories over the last couple weeks. For the second year in a row, Urban Meyer has what looks to be the second best team in America.

The last two spots are really interesting. Clemson losing opens the door for debate. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you are ranked on November 15th, but in early December. If the Tigers win out, they will make the playoff. Because of that, we will put them at 3.

Number four will go to Louisville this week, who came back to score 34 unanswered to beat down Wake Forest, and has a short week as they have their showdown with Houston Thursday night. Michigan will be on the outside looking in right now at 5, however if they beat Ohio State and win the Big 10 title, they will be in.

Teams that now have hope include Oklahoma, who should jump to 8 this week, and both Penn State and Wisconsin. Should the Buckeyes defeat Michigan (as we predict) in a few weeks, it will be Penn State and not Ohio State playing in the Big 10 Title game. Is it possible that Penn State wins the Big 10 championship but doesn’t make the playoff? Could we see Louisville, who lost head to head against Clemson, jump the Tigers? Both of those scenarios are highly unlikely, but if we learned one thing in the past week, polls mean nothing.

Our College Football Playoff Prediction for November 15

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Louisville
4. Clemson
5. Michigan

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