Elizabeth Ruiz Doesn’t Want Von Miller’s Money

Elizabeth Ruiz Von Miller

Model claims she watches homemade flick to get off

Elizabeth Ruiz spoke to TMZ Sports and set the record straight regarding Broncos star Von Miller. Ruiz mentioned she never wanted to extort Miller, and that it was his camp that made the first offer to buy the tape. Ruiz advised her lawyer countered with a $2.5 million dollar figure, and that is when it became public.

It was just two weeks ago that the word got out about the steamy sex filled weekend Ruiz had with the Superbowl MVP. Do you believe Ruiz never intended to sell the tape? Elizabeth Ruiz Von MillerWe do. We think at some point there was a promise that wasn’t fulfilled, however, which is why we know about this to start. These type of relationships happen in the league all the time. This is what happens when something goes wrong.

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