Fran Tarkenton Thinks Players Boycotting White House are Stupid [VIDEO]

Fran Tarkenton White House Boycott

Former NFL Quarterback and Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton is a Donald Trump supporter. He even spoke at the 2016 Republican Convention. TMZ Sports caught up with Tarkenton recently, and he shared his thoughts on athletes who are boycotting going to the White House.

Fran Tarkenton speaks on athletes boycotting White House visit

“Nobody boycotted Obama because he’s black did they? No. They all went there because he was our president. And you respect our president. No matter whether you’re for him or not.”

Tarkenton was responding to a comment Iman Shumpert made recently, noting he would not go to The White House if the Cavaliers win another NBA title.

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