Jeff Fisher fired finally in LA

Jeff Fisher fired

Jeff Fisher Fired by Rams

The Los Angeles Rams just became one of the most attractive jobs in the NFL today. Jeff Fisher was relieved of his duties as head coach, after being embarassed 42-14 at home Sunday vs. the Falcons. Fisher finished 31-45-1 as Rams coach over the past four seasons, with his best year being his first (7-8-1).

The move to Los Angeles and the regression of running back Todd Gurley and the Rams offense ultimately was Fisher’s demise. The team struggled to develop number one pick Jared Goff, and fan attendance decreased as the season progressed.

John Fassell, Rams special teams coordinator, will step in as interim head coach for the remainder of the year. John is the son of former New York Giants coach Jim Fassell. The Rams next play Thursday night in Seattle in a pivotal nationally televised game with playoff implications for the Seahawks. No pressure Jim.

Rams COO Kevin Dimoff spoke about the timing of the Fisher firing, and his response was brutally honest.

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