How does Jeff Fisher not get fired?

Jeff Fisher Rams

Should Jeff Fisher get fired?

After the Los Angeles Rams blew a 10-0 lead in the debut of top draftpick Jared Goff Sunday, ESPN shared a stunning statistic on their Twitter feed I couldn’t believe:

Jeff Fisher has tied Tom Landry for 2nd most losses in NFL history.

Jeff Fisher has coached 336 games. Tom Landry coached in 418.

Fisher has now lost 162 games. In the past five seasons, has been no better than 4-6 through the first 10 games. Yet every year, Jeff Fisher’s name never comes up on the hot seat. This year, as Thanksgiving approaches, we hear about Mike McCarthy and Marvin Lewis needing to be nervous, and both of those guys have won a lot more than Fisher since 2012.

Expectations for the Rams are much lower than both the Bengals and Packers, however the fan base (or lack thereof) is not up in arms for a change. Los Angeles finishes the season at New Orleans, at New England, Atlanta, at Seattle, San Francisco, and Arizona. I see one win on that list, which puts them at 5-11 and another Top 5 pick.

Jeff Fisher is coaching his 22nd year in the NFL, and has made the playoffs 6 times. Rams VP of Operations Stan Kroenke is not talking about his coaches future, so why should we?

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