Klay Thompson scores 60 in 29 Minutes

Scores 40 in 1st Half vs Pacers

Klay Thompson 60 points

Klay Thompson scores 60 Points in record time

The Golden State Warriors are accustomed to being in the spotlight, and Klay Thompson has been apart of much of the magic over the past few seasons. His 37 points in one quarter was amazing enough, but what he did Monday was better. Klay dropped 60 on the Pacers, playing just 29 minutes on the floor in the 142-106 win.

In case you were wondering if Steph Curry and the Warriors were excited to see Klay go off, this video tells you everything:

Thompson scored 40 points in the first half, at one point shooting, and making, on seven consecutive touches. The performance was in front of a sell out crowd at Oracle, whom stayed to the very end despite the lopsided outcome. Thompson made 21 of 33 from the field, including going 8-14 from 3. As impressive as Monday’s performance was, his 41 points on 11 made 3’s in Game 6 of the West Finals vs. Oklahoma City still ranks as his best of 2016.

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