Kobe Bryant Talks Life, Death, and Sneakers [VIDEO]

Kobe Bryant A.D Sneaker

Kobe Bryant, retired NBA champion, has had a lot of time on his hands since his 60 point farewell in April. His new sneakers recently dropped, and he spoke about life, death, and other interesting topics in the interview below.

When I injured my Achilles, then it became something where it’s, OK, this is immediate, right? The end of my career could be now. So since I was 21 years old and thinking, OK, I have to figure out what comes next. You kind of brainstorm, you ideate, but you never really execute anything. And when the injury happened, I said, “OK, no, I need to start building now.” And that’s when the turning point was for me.

You can read more over at The Ringer
Kobe Bryant A.D Sneaker
As for the sneaker, The Kobe A.D edition drops November 22, and will have a retail price of $160. Nike dropped their own thoughts on life after Bryant…

“We’ve officially reached life after Kobe. A life where new talent will pick up right where he left off on the hardwood.”

Kobe Braynt A.D Sneaker

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