Lane Kiffin really wants to leave Alabama

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin has been living good since joining Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama. Over the past 3 seasons, Kiffin has helped flourish the Crimson Tide, and have them within two wins of another title. So why is he trying to leave?
Sure, the former head coach at Tennessee and USC deserves another chance to run a program. With that said, most thought Kiffin would focus on staying in Bama for 2017 after not getting the Houston job. Some close to the school said he simply was not a safe hire.

Now, just three weeks before Alabama faces Washington in the national semifinal, reports state Florida Atlantic and Kiffin were talking. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit reported on ESPN’s College Gameday that Kiffin had a deal in place, however talks broke down. If Kiffin misses out on the FAU job, where does he go from there?

Kiffin likely knows this is as good a time as ever to depart Tuscaloosa. Kirby Smart bolted for Georgia after a Tide title, and it looks like he did the right thing. If he stays in the college ranks, the offensive coordinator position at LSU could be a challenge. There is also the South Florida job, however it looks like Charlie Strong is going to get that.

One other scenario that makes sense is that Kiffin pursue a coordinator job in the NFL. He coached the Raiders for two seasons, and being able to turnaround a struggling offense in the pros would make him the trendy pick for another top job there.

One thing seems certain, Kiffin will not be back with Nick Saban next year.

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