LeBron James Top 25 NBA Teammates

Lebron James Top 25 Teammates

All The Kings’ Men – LeBron James Top 25 Teammates

LeBron James has played with hundreds of teammates during his 13 year career. PointShavers highlights the Top 25.

25. Michael Beasley

The former number 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft had some of his best moment in the league while playing alongside LeBron. After his brief run in Miami, Beasley has bounced around to Houston and Milwaukee.

24. Dahntay Jones

The veteran played with LeBron briefly last season in Cleveland, however was given key minutes in the NBA Finals where he came up big.

23. Richard Jefferson

The veteran wingman has been with LeBron since the start of the 2015 season in Cleveland, and after the Cavs won the NBA title, announced he was retiring. He quickly had a change of heart, and is back together with The King this year.

22. Iman Shumpert

The former Knick guard was traded to Cleveland in one of the biggest trades in recent NBA history, as he along with J.R Smith helped make the Cavaliers a title contender. Shumpert played incredible defense during the NBA playoffs last year, and smothered Steph Curry throughout the Finals.

Shaq Lebron Cavs

21. Shaquille O’ Neal

Shaq didn’t even crack the Top 20 of this list, as he was on his way out when he landed in Cleveland. During the 2009-10 season, O’Neal averaged 12 points a game in what was the Cavs effort to slow down the “unstoppable” Dwight Howard and loaded Orlando Magic at the time. How things have changed.

20. Channing Frye

The veteran big man was the key addition to Cleveland last season, and played in 26 regular season games alongside James. It was Frye’s clutch shooting during the postseason that made him earn his rank, as he was a key contributor to the Cavaliers championship.

19. Timofey Mozgov

Mozgov was apart of the mega trade in the 2014-15 season that made Cleveland a title contender. His play during the 2015 NBA Finals was inspiring, even in a losing effort. Who can forget the 28 point effort in Game 4 of the 2015 Finals?

18. Larry Hughes

Larry was arguably the second best player on Cleveland when they were swept in the 2007 Finals against the Spurs. His 15 points per game were a reason LBJ made his debut on the big stage that season.

17. Tristan Thompson

One of LeBron’s favorite players on the Cavs, Khloe Kardashian’s current boyfriend had a breakout postseason in 2015, which allowed him to score a five year, $82 million dollar guaranteed deal. Tristan owes James everything.
Lebron James Birdman Anderson

16. Chris Birdman Anderson

The 15 year veteran has played with LeBron both in Miami and now Cleveland, and was an instrumental piece of the puzzle that helped Miami repeat. While his current role is limited, you may see more of Birdman in the playoffs.

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16. James Jones

The sharp shooter has played with James every season since 2010, and noted the reason he left the Heat to head to Cleveland was solely to continue playing alongside him.

15. Mario Chalmers

Super Mario made magic with LeBron in Miami, including an epic winning streak during the 2013 regular season that helped cement the name “Heatles”.

Delly and Lebron

14. Matthew Dellavedova

“Delly” as he was affectionately known as in Cleveland, became a household name during the 2015 NBA Finals. His gritty effort against league MVP Steph Curry was inspiring, even in defeat.

13.Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Big Z was a big part of LeBron’s success during his first run in Cleveland, providing the most consistent production not named James. Although he retired five years ago, the two remain close.

12. Mo Williams

The journeyman guard has played with LeBron on both stints in Cleveland, and while he played a larger role the first time around, he did add value in spots last year. Williams is expected to officially retire once he and the Cavs agree to a buyout this fall.

JR Smith Lebron Cavs

11. J.R Smith

There isn’t a player LeBron has played with who has seen his career turnaround like J.R Smith. The Knicks all but gave up on him, and Cleveland only traded for him because LeBron felt he could get the best out of Smith. Over the past few seasons, we have seen it.

10. Udonis Haslem

The Mayor of Miami looked at LeBron as a little brother when he took his talents to South Beach. Haslem was able to flourish during the four seasons with The King, playing less minutes but being more productive.

9. Anderson Varejao

The Cavs lifer played alongside LeBron from the moment he entered the league until 2010, and then rejoined him in 2015. Varejao and LeBron had instant chemistry on the court together, which made his departure to the hated Warriors in 2016 all the more interesting.

8. Norris Cole

Cole was just a rookie playing alongside The Big 3, but when Mario Chalmers struggled, he was there to step in and save the day. The undersized guard helped the Heat overtake the rival Celtics and secure four straight NBA Finals appearances.

7. Shane Battier

The lanky wingman was instrumental in Miami going back-to-back, with clutch shooting and defense in the postseason. Battier retired after the 2013-14 season, although many around the league felt he could still play a few more years.

6. Kevin Love

Kevin Love could end up landing in the Top 3 on this list in a few years, but this ranking fits for now. Love proved his worth to LeBron and the rest of the Cavs last June, coming up big when it mattered most against the Warriors.

5. Chris Bosh

CB was the fall guy when Miami struggled early on, although his game was impacted the most. Bosh never complained publicly, and developed an outside shot that showed that big men can shoot, too.

Pat Riley LeBron

4. Pat Riley

You didn’t really think we were going to limit this list to players? Pat Riley deserves to be in the top five, as he not only had the vision to bring two franchise free agents to Miami to play with his own, but he then made it work. It wasn’t pretty at times, however The Big Three were wildly successful, and the Heat enjoyed a run the franchise will likely never see again.

3. Ray Allen

The greatest 3 point shooter of all time made the biggest shot in Miami Heat history, helping LeBron win a championship. Enough said.

2. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie could and should go down as the best teammate LeBron ever played with from a talent perspective. At just 24 years of age, Irving is entering his prime, and the Cavs will become his team. His signature moment came on the biggest stage, Game 7 of the NBA Finals, as drilled the go ahead 3 to help the Cavs complete the improbable 4-3 series win.

1. Dwyane Wade

They are best friends off the court, and for four seasons, they electrified the league with their play together. The Heat were the most hated team in professional sports long before Kevin Durant and Golden State was. Wade and James seemed to relish in the hate initially, but as they matured, you saw a change, both in their play and demeanor. Wade is the greatest Miami Heat player of all time, and for now holds the title as LeBron James’ best teammate ever.

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