Leonard Fournette owes you nothing

Leonard Fournette 2017 NFL Draft

Leonard Fournette skipping bowl game is right thing to do

LSU running back and future NFL player Leonard Fournette joined Stanford’s Christian McCafferey in skipping their teams bowl games. The news had some of the established media in an uproar, saying he was bailing on his teammates. Fournette took to Twitter to remind everyone where his loyalty lies:

Fournette is absolutely right. His two year old daughter’s future is what he should be thinking about, and playing against Louisville in the Citrus Bowl will do nothing to add value to his NFL draft stock. The benefit of suiting up with your college teammates one more time is attractive to some, but the risk far outweighs the reward.

In the latest NFL Mock Draft, Jacksonville would be selecting Fournette with the third pick overall in hopes he can boost their depleted running attack. Christian McCaffrey has been projected as a late first round/early second round pick over the past few weeks, and Oakland is shown selecting him 30th overall via CBSSports.com.

The economic ramifications of an injury in a bowl game for both of these men is catastrophic. Forbes listed the salaries of the 2016 first round class, and Joey Bosa, the third pick overall, ended up with a $25.8 million dollar contract. Bosa played in his final college game against Notre Dame in the 2016 Fiesta Bowl, where another projected top ten pick, Jaylen Smith of the Irish, suffered a horrific knee injury. Before Smith was hurt, he was projected to go anywhere from four to seven. Smith ended up going to the Dallas Cowboys number thirty-four overall, costing him $20 million dollars.

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