Michael Floyd’s DUI Video Can Be Lesson For NFL Rookies

Michael Floyd DUI Video

Michael Floyd DUI Video Released

Former Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Michael Floyd has already received two charges of driving under the influence for the incident that occured earlier this month in Scottsdale, Arizona where he was asleep at the wheel. Now, the footage of his DUI arrest has surfaced, and it’s not pretty.

You can see Floyd asleep as police approach the vehicle, only to awaken as officers knocked on the glass of his door multiple times. Floyd blew a 0.21, more than twice the state’s legal limit. Local authorities are pressuring for stricter charges which would put the wide receiver behind bars for up to 45 days. Shortly after the arrest, the Arizona Cardinals released Floyd, who was picked up by the Superbowl favorites New England Patriots via waivers.

Floyd was drafted number 13 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, and had never had previous run-ins with the law before the DUI. Arizona had played earlier that Sunday, losing to the Dolphins in what has become a lost season. Floyd’s recent legal issues and now public embarrassment is an excellent opportunity for the NFL to teach incoming players who will be drafted about the dangers of drinking and driving, and how it can impact your career.

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