Mike Evans Kneels Protesting Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Mike Evans Kneels National Anthem Donald Trump

Tampa Bay Bucs Wide Receiver Mike Evans kneeled Sunday in protest to Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election last week. Evans, who had not been apart of any of the prior protests other players including Colin Kaepernick were involved in this year, said the notion Trump is the President “is a joke”.

Evans mentioned he plans on continuing to protest the Trump presidency. He went on to share that this isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue, but more about Trump himself.

“It’s not about the Republican party or the Democratic party or anything like that. It’s just who he is. It’s well-documented what he’s done. I’m not gonna stand for something I don’t believe in. That’s the end of that.”

The Bucs (4-5) defeated Chicago 36-10 Sunday, with Evans catching 4 passes for 66 yards.

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