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As the NFL regular season winds down, the rumor mill around coaches being fired is buzzing. Buffalo, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, New York, and Cincinnati all have had talk around a coaching change next season. They all may be going after the same four guys.

Kyle Shanahan – Atlana Falcons Offensive Coordinator

No longer known simply as the son of Mike, Kyle has made a name for himself creating a dynamic offense for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Even without his biggest threat, Julio Jones, Atlanta was dominant in their win Sunday vs. the Rams. The team’s top 5 rankings in points scored and total yards will have teams who struggle in that area line up to talk. The Colts and Bengals have the pieces in place that could make those jobs appealing.

Scott Linehan – Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator

The man who has two rookies (Zeke Elliot and Dak Prescott) leading the Cowboys to the top of the NFC will get some interest around the league. Linehan could make sense in Arizona, should Bruce Arians retire. Another interesting option would be Jacksonville, where the offense first mindset would be a welcome change after the Gus Bradley era.
Paul Guenther head coach

Paul Guenther – Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Coordiantor

The Bengals aren’t lighting the world on fire this year, however Guenther is well respected in the coaching ranks, and should Marvin Lewis step aside, he could be a viable successor. If management decides to bring in a new face, Guenther could get interest in Buffalo, where Rex Ryan is expected to get fired.

Josh McDaniels – New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator

Josh McDaniels is the Lane Kiffin of the NFL. A former head coach (Denver Broncos), McDaniels has excelled focusing on an offense built around the best quarterback of our era. We expect he will be back in New England next year, unless a dream situation opens up (Los Angeles Rams?), where he can clean house and bring in his players.

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