OBJ x Randy Moss 1 on 1 [VIDEO]

Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr. and Randy Moss

In case you missed the interview during the Giants vs Bengals Monday Night Football game, ESPN’s Randy Moss sat down with the Giants Odell Beckham Jr. in a meeting of two of the most electric receivers in NFL history. OBJ shared a few things we didn’t know…

He set out to be Rookie of The Year

The 24 year old was able to accomplish that goal with a record-breaking 2014 campaign, which allowed him to land the Madden cover.

His Dad referenced a stripper quote…

As OBJ shared in the video clip, “My Pop’s always said do something strange for a piece of change”. In case you are wondering where you heard that phrase before, it might have been here…

OBJ has 59 catches for 819 yards and 6 touchdowns through the first 10 games of the year, but the G-Men will need more from him if they are to achieve their team goals of making the playoffs.

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