RG3 Robbed While at Browns Game

RG3 Robbed

RG3 Robbed While at Home Game

Robert Griffin III’s season can’t get any worse. Sunday, the injured quarterback and his girlfriend were robbed, as money was stolen from his car parked inside the First Energy Stadium lot. His girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, is a Florida State track athlete, and went to Twitter to vent her frustration.

Of course, you may be wondering why would someone leave money in a car. We don’t obviously have all the details (such as how much money, if the car was locked/unlocked, etc), but Grete has a point. It’s never a warm and fuzzy feeling to walk out to your car, and find you have been violated. It just seems to be be insult to injury (no pun) that of all the people in the Browns organization, it happened to Robert Griffin III.

The Browns quarterback is hopeful he will be able to end the year on a good note, as he looks to start in one of Cleveland’s remaining games. In case you didn’t know, the Browns remained winless, losing 27-13 to the Giants. They now have lost 15 consecutive regular season games.

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