Bo Ryans Side Chick Sues Wisconsin

Bo Ryan not named in lawsuit

Robin Van Ert sues Wisconsin

Robin Van Ert, the woman romantically involved with former Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, sued some of the school’s top officials on Thursday for invasion of privacy, conspiracy and defamation among other charges. The suit, filed in the Western District of Wisconsin’s federal court, lists a number of defendants, including Barry Alvarez (former Wisconsin football coach and currently the athletic director), Rebecca Blank, Walter Dickey, Terry Gawlik, Bruce Van De Velde, Raymond Taffora, John Lucas, and Lisa Hull.
Robin Van Ert sues Wisconsin
You can read the details of the lawsuit (.PDF format) right here. The suit states “As a direct and proximate result of defendants’ actions, Van Ert has suffered severe emotional and physical distress and illness, loss of privacy, harm to her reputation, loss of business and has incurred substantial damages and legal fees,”. Van Ert sent Blank, Dickey, Van De Velde, and Gawlik an email stating specific details about her affair with Bo Ryan. 3 months later, the school finally replied, advising her they found no misuse of university resources, and closed the book on it.

Wisconsin and Bo Ryan both denied that the affair had anything to do with the former coach abruptly leaving the team last December.

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