The Jets are sending fans, players mixed signals

Ryan Fitzpatrick starting

Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the nod over Bryce Petty

The New York Jets are the most confusing team in the NFL. As another lost season enters it’s last leg, the 3-8 Jets sit alone in the AFC East basement. Instead of starting Bryce Petty, whom the team drafted in the 4th round of the 2015 draft, they turn back to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzy is auditioning for the other 31 teams in the NFL to be their future backup.

Bowles told the media Monday Fitzpatrick is the guy starting Week 13, and many reports are stating the reason is clear. The veterans of the team feel letting Bryce Petty start now shows the team have given up on this season. The unfortunate part for Jets fans is their leadership can’t stand up to the employees and be transparent.

This season is over. They need to spend the next 30 days and evaluate the talent on the roster, including Petty. That will be the only way they can decide if he is worth building around. We know Fitzpatrick won’t be back. We can assume Brandon Marshall will be shopped in the offseason as well. Matt Forte has a cap friendly deal, and should return, however he could be kicking himself for not signing with New England when he had a chance.

New York is once again at a crossroads when it comes to their most important position. Unlike any team in the division, they have no clear cog there. As up and down as Ryan Tannehill is, he is a better option than anyone the Jets have. As teams like Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Tennessee are on the ascend in the NFL around young quarterbacks, Jets fans look at their team and see bad move after bad move at that spot.

This tweet embodies what many Jets fans feel like after learning Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting.

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