Refs Screw Texans in Mexico [VIDEO]

Texans Raiders recap

Texans Raiders Recap from Monday Night in Mexico

The NFL officials had a bad night in Mexico City, missing key calls in the Texans/Raiders game Monday. The one that kicked things off was the touchdown by Deandre Hopkins that was called back by the referee for stepping out of bounds. The only problem is, Hopkins didn’t step out. The play was not able to be reviewed by the rulebook, and it cost Houston 4 points. Had the ref let the play go, and then review it, they would have seen what the world saw.

In the 4th quarter with the game tied at 20, Lamar Miller carried to what looked like a Houston first down. However, when the chains measured, he was inches short. Texans coach Bill O’ Brien did not challenge that spot, and instead went for it on 4th and 1. The Texans ran for it again, and for the second time it appeared they picked it up. The chains came out and again it was short.

Oakland ended up getting the ball back, and drove down the field for the winning touchdown. While Oakland (8-2) is rolling as the current number 1 seed in the AFC, Houston may miss the playoffs if they don’t win their division. Should they end up on the outside looking in come January, Texans fans can look back to the Monday night in Mexico as the game that ended their season.

Houston plays a rested Phillip Rivers and the Chargers next in a critical game for both teams. San Diego (4-6) will likely have to win out to have a chance at a Wild Card. Oakland plays the defending NFC champion Carolina Panthers (4-6) next, who also are in desperation mode trying to keep their dim playoff hopes alive.

Note: The Vegas line for the game last night was Texans (-5.5).

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