Dead Men Walking

Todd Bowles Rex Ryan

Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan coaching final games for teams Sunday?

One is the former head coach of the New York Jets. The other is the current head coach of the New York Jets. Depending on the outcome of Sunday’s game, Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles may have something else in common. Both Ryan and Bowles have a long storied reputation for their signature defenses and menacing schemes keeping offensive coordinators up all night. Unfortunately, both Ryan and Bowles have struggled to keep their team’s offenses, and defenses, up to par in 2016.

The Bills have had a better year than the bad luck Jets, but when the expectation is the postseason, anything short won’t cut it. The Bills played valiantly in defeat Sunday against Miami, but the defense has been the achillies heel of Rex in Buffalo. In the first matchup against New York this year, Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like Joe Montana (24-34, 374 yards, TD) in the Jets 37-31 thriller. Don’t expect that much scoring this time around, as injuries are hampering both teams.

Buffalo has lost three of their last five games and have won just one game against AFC East foes this year. Rex Ryan knows Sunday is likely his final game as head coach of the Bills, and will want to go out with a bang against his former employer. Todd Bowles, on the other hand, is wrapping up his second season in New York, but after a solid 10-6 campaign in 2015, has seen his team give up at times this year. Bowles’ 14-17 overall record would be good enough to get a third year in most cities, such as Jacksonville, Arizona, Cleveland, or Tampa. Unfortunately, this is New York, and everything is larger than life, including the expectations of their football teams.

Expect Tyrod Taylor and Lesean McCoy to carve up the Jets Sunday, while Bills Zach Brown will make Ryan Fitzpatricks’ day a very long one. Buffalo will win Sunday, but both coaches will be looking for new jobs in a week.

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