Tony Romo Has 3 Great Options For 2017

Tony Romo options for 2017

Tony Romo Best Chances to Win Next Season

The Dallas Cowboys became the first team to clinch a playoff spot, thanks to the Giants losing in Pittsburgh. At 11-1, the Dak Prescott era is here. The 36 year old Romo still feels he can play at a high level, but it likely won’t be in Dallas.

There are three viable options for Romo that could afford him the opportunity to compete for a Superbowl next season.

Houston Texans

Houston foolishly gave Brock Osweiler $72 million dollars earlier this year, yet their quarterback play has diminished. While they likely won’t be able to move Brock, bringing in Romo could do wonders for the team. First, along with a returning J.J Wyatt, landing Romo gives the team a proven winner at the quarterback position. Romo throwing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller could get scary for opponents, and in a weak division, Houston could make a run at a top two seed.

Arizona Cardinals

While Carson Palmer played well Sunday against Washington, it’s widely expected this will be his last season at the helm. Should Palmer retire, will Larry Fitzgerald join him? That is the likely worst case scenario for the Cardinals, however Romo would excite the fanbase. Much like Houston, the Cardinals are built to win now, and the defense can take some pressure off Tony to win the game on his own.

Jacksonville Jaguars

This sounds like a stretch, but it’s a given there will be mass change in Jacksonville at the end of the season. The Gus Bradley era will likely be over, and Blake Bortles could stand to be an apprentice to a veteran like Romo. The talent on the roster is there, and unlike Houston and Arizona, a new quarterback and coach would likely need to spend a season building a synergy before being able to compete at the highest level. The fact the bar would be low could entice Romo, should he start struggling.

Denver Broncos

A month ago we would have said that Denver makes all the sense in the world. Now, not so much. The next six weeks will teach us a lot about this team, and they could potentially shoot back to the top of the list with a underwhelming December. For now, we will say Paxton Lynch is the starting quarterback next season.

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