The Tony Romo Era is over in Dallas [VIDEO]

Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spoke to the media for the first time since the summer yesterday, and was graceful in stepping aside to let the Dak Prescott era to be cemented. Romo, who will turn 37 years old in April, is owed nearly $20 million dollars in the 2017-18 campaign. At that cost, he would be the most expensive clipboard holder in NFL history.

Would Dallas Trade Tony Romo?

There have been two scenarios floating around Romo’s future recently, and neither has him being a backup long-term. The first, which could make the most sense if the Cowboys end up going deep in the playoffs with Dak, is to trade Romo. While any teams who would have interest (i.e Broncos, Jaguars?) would want Romo to restructure his current deal. If Romo wants to have a shot to start in the 2017-18 season, he would have to be open to that option.

The second scenario, which is less likely, is that Tony retires after the season. Should the Cowboys win the Superbowl, going out on top (see Peyton Manning) would be an option. Though highly unlikely, a Cowboys title could also make the departure from Big D easier for Romo to accept. With his experience, he would be a welcome addition to a franchise desperately needing a leader in the locker room, and a face for their franchise.

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