5 Reasons Why Tony Romo to Denver will happen

Tony Romo to Denver

The Tony Romo era in Dallas is over, at least we proclaimed that last week. Now, reports around the internet are circulating that the former Cowboys starting quarterback prefers the Broncos as his future employer.

5 Reasons Why Tony Romo to Denver Makes Sense

5. Jerry Jones will do right by Tony.

The love affair between Jerry Jones and Tony Romo is the worst kept secret in the NFL. While Jerry would not volunteer to trade his former franchise player, the reality is Dak Prescott gives Dallas the best chance to win. Romo will be 37 by the time Week 1 of 2017 comes around, and Dallas has to move on. Jerry won’t trade Romo to a bottom feeder like Jacksonville or Cleveland, but rather a contender.

4. John Elway could help Tony adjust like he did Peyton Manning.

The Denver Broncos have experience in former faces of other franchises coming in and adjusting to life in the mile high city. The same way John Elway was able to get the best out of Peyton Manning after the Colts dumped him is the same way he can help Romo. Should this go down, expect Tony to put up Pro Bowl numbers his first season at the helm.

3. Tony can help the young guys.

Trevor Simien is decent, but he is no Dak Prescott. Tony Romo starting would help take pressure off both Simien and Paxton Lynch from having to win pressure packed AFC playoff games.

2. Denver could offer some talent in return.

Tony Romo has $54 million dollars and three seasons left on his current contract, which would likely need to be re-worked for any trade to happen. Romo has made plenty of money, and the only thing remaining from his resume is a Superbowl ring. A chance to play with one of the best teams in the NFL with a fresh start would warrant restructuring a deal. Dallas, in return, could get a 1st or 2nd round pick and possibly another player for Romo as well.

Dallas vs. Denver would be very interesting.

Could you imagine if the Broncos and Cowboys met in the Superbowl? Nothing is a given, but both teams are poised to be contenders for a while, and adding Romo to the Broncos would make things very interesting next year.

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