Playoff hopes for many still in the air

College Football Playoff

Updated College Football Playoff Picture

Thanksgiving weekend is closing out, and there is still a lot to be settled. Check out the latest updates for the four teams currently in the drivers seat.

Alabama – SEC Title Game against Florida

The Crimson Tide completed their first undefeated regular season since 2009. A win against the Gators ensures their shot to go back to back.

Ohio State – Sit and Wait

The Buckeyes have the most complete resume’ of any team in the country. At 11-1, they will watch Wisconsin and Penn State battle for the Big 10 title. One may think Ohio State will be in the playoff regardless of the outcome. Things will get very interesting if Penn State wins. Do you take two teams from the best conference in the country to the playoff? Do you take Penn State, based off their head to head, or set a precedent that overall body of work trumps conference accolades?

Washington – Pac 12 Title Game against USC or Colorado

The Huskies wanted Michigan to win today, but that didn’t happen. Now, all they can do is go out and either dominate the Buffaloes, or avenge their only loss against the hottest team in the country. Even if they win the conference, it is not certain they will be in the playoff anymore.

Clemson – ACC Title Game vs. Virginia Tech

Updated:Clemson defeated South Carolina 56-7 Saturday, and next face Virginia Tech (8-3) in Orlando.
Who would have thought a month ago the Clemson 42-36 win over Louisville didn’t mean anything? With the Cardinals free fall, along with Florida State’s struggles, Clemson needs help. A win tonight against South Carolina and in the ACC title game keeps them in the conversation, but the ACC will be looked at as the weakest of the Power 5 this season.

The possibility of Alabama sitting at 1, Ohio State at 2 seem realistic. The final 2 spots are likely between Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma, Washington, and Clemson.

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