Vince Carter vs. Chris Bosh in Toronto

Vince Carter vs Chris Bosh

Throwback Thursdays – The 2 Best Toronto Raptors Ever

DeMar DeRozan passed Chris Bosh Wednesday night to become the all-time leading scorer in Toronto Raptors history, however it is universally agreed that both Chris Bosh and Vince Carter had a bigger impact on the franchise than the current swingman.

We take a look back to November 21, 2008, when a young CB4 was entering his prime, and facing the New Jersey Nets, led by Vince Carter.

Bosh played one of the best games of his career that night, dropping 42 points and commanding the ball at times in a way we unfortunately never saw during his days in Miami. Vince Carter got the last laugh however, as he tied the game nailing an improbable three to force overtime.

In the extra session, it became an isolation one-on-one game of Bosh vs. Vince, and Carter relished in the role as the villian on the road. Chris Bosh nailed a big three to cut the Nets lead to one, and Anthony Carter tied the game at 127 with 2.1 seconds left in overtime.

The entire arena knew the ball was going to Vince Carter for the final shot, yet the Raptors didn’t account for him on the inbounds play, and Vince dunked the game winning shot in. An amazing game by two of the best players in recent league history and by far the best two to wear the Raptors jersey.

That was Carter’s final season in New Jersey, as he was traded to the Orlando Magic in the offseason.

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