Elizabeth Ruiz, the woman behind the Von Miller Sex Tape

Von Miller Sex Tape Elizabeth Ruiz
Elizabeth Ruiz Von Miller

Denver Broncos All-Pro Von Miller is suing a California woman to prevent her from releasing a sex tape of the two she filmed on her camera phone. Miller, who was the MVP of Superbowl 50, went to Cancun with the woman, named in the lawsuit as “DOE”, was later identified as Elizabeth Ruiz. According to TMZ, the woman is looking for $2.5 million dollars to prevent the tape from being released.
Von Miller Sex Tape Elizabeth Ruiz
Von Miller signed a $114.5 million dollar contract this summer with Denver.

More: View The Von Miller Sex Tape Lawsuit Doc (credit TheSmokingGun.com)

If you want to see more of Elizabeth Ruiz, see below. [NSFW]

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